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A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

September 17, 2015 ADManage

If you’re planning on getting dental implants near Park Ridge, you probably have a lot of questions for your cosmetic dentist. Dental implants are a safe, effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses a prosthetic tooth to replace a broken, damaged, or missing tooth. For …

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What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

September 10, 2015 ADManage

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced method of dental cleaning used in the non-surgical treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, or gum disease. Dental offices near Park Ridge perform ultrasonic dental cleaning with an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler, which safely and effectively removes tartar …

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A Look at Common Dental Emergencies

September 3, 2015 ADManage

It may be impossible to completely avoid dental emergencies, but you can be prepared for the most common ones that occur. You should carry with you the contact information for an emergency dentist near Park Ridge in the event that you do need emergency …

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A Closer Look at Composite Fillings

August 27, 2015 ADManage

A cosmetic dentistry procedure near Park Ridge might include a composite filling or white filling. This special type of filling is used by cosmetic dentists when a cavity is visible on one of the front teeth because it can be color-matched to your natural …

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When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

August 20, 2015 ADManage

Do you need root canal surgery near Park Ridge? Root canals are procedures that can be done at your local dental office. Read on to learn when you might require an emergency dentist to perform a root canal on your tooth.   Root Canals …

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Get to Know Dr. Eva Bloda

August 13, 2015 ADManage

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist serving Park Ridge, consider Dr. Eva Bloda. Dr. Bloda has extensive experience in a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. In fact, Dr. Bloda’s passion is to help you get the “perfect smile”. Whether that requires teeth whitening …

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What to Do About a Knocked-Out Tooth

August 6, 2015 ADManage

If you’ve just had a tooth knocked out of your mouth, you may need emergency dental care near Park Ridge. However, it’s important to do a couple of things in order to save your tooth before you visit the emergency dentist. Read on to …

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When Dental Emergencies Happen

July 30, 2015 ADManage

Do you know what to do if you need emergency dental care near Park Ridge? Many dental offices have emergency dental services and extended office hours to help you in the case of an unexpected event. Watch this video to learn more about what …

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