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Reasons Why Kids May Need Tooth Extractions

October 14, 2016 ADManage

Losing a tooth is a major milestone in the life of any child. While your child’s baby teeth should fall out naturally, there may come a time when your emergency dentist recommends a tooth extraction for your son or daughter. Whether you are getting …

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Comparing Dental Implants and Dentures

August 29, 2016 ADManage

If you are missing teeth, you have many different options for cosmetic dentistry procedures near Park Ridge. Recent developments in dental technologies and techniques now make it possible for a dentist to permanently restore missing teeth. Millions of Americans are missing at least one …

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Tips for Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits

July 15, 2016 ADManage

Showing your kids how to have good oral hygiene can help them in a number of ways. Whether they need braces or preventive dental care near Park Ridge, your kids will have a healthier future for their mouth with a solid dental regimen. Make …

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Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

February 18, 2016 ADManage

Taking proper care of your dental implants will not only keep your smile sparkling, but it will ensure optimal oral health. If you have recently received dental implants or are considering getting dental implants near Park Ridge, rest assured that maintenance couldn’t be easier. …

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The Patient’s Guide to Inlays and Onlays

December 24, 2015 ADManage

Many people have heard of fillings and crowns, but not everyone has heard of dental inlays near Park Ridge. Dental inlays and onlays are part of cosmetic dentistry procedures that seek to restore as much of the natural tooth as possible. If you are …

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Planning for Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

October 1, 2015 ADManage

Today, patients who require dental treatment to straighten their teeth can choose between two effective methods: Invisalign and conventional metal braces. Invisalign clear plastic aligners are comfortable to wear and completely inconspicuous, so many patients prefer them. You will switch out your current aligners …

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A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

September 17, 2015 ADManage

If you’re planning on getting dental implants near Park Ridge, you probably have a lot of questions for your cosmetic dentist. Dental implants are a safe, effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses a prosthetic tooth to replace a broken, damaged, or missing tooth. For …

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